Janina is a nature-loving story-addict who may have tea and chocolate running through her veins. Though originally born in Germany, she moved to Ireland at age fifteen and has lived in France and Brazil as well. When she's not at her dayjob or working on her novels, she volunteers on the committee for the Irish Discworld Convention (currently as theatrics writer, previously as graphic designer), does photography, or follows random cats around in hopes of being taken on an adventure. (It works more often than you'd think.)

Janina started writing her first novel when she was eleven and never really stopped once she got going (mostly out of spite, honestly), although she has some difficulty settling on a genre. Instead, she enjoys challenging herself by exploring various genres and different approaches to stories.

She remains a notorious daydreamer (which was often noted as her most problematic character trait by teachers) with an unquenchable thirst for stories and adventure, both real and imagined.


Captain Black Shadow (The Chronicles of the Bat #1, 2016, 2019 @SnowyWingsPublishing)
White Devil (The Chronicles of the Bat #2, 2018, 2019 @SnowyWingsPublishing)
The Weight of Time (A Touch of Magic, 2019)
A Spark in Space (A Touch of Magic, 2019)
Sand & Snow (The Chronicles of the Bat #3, 2020 @SnowyWingsPublishing)
Override (Brave New Girls: Girls who Tech and Tinker, 2020)
A Spark in Space (Space Witch #1, 2021 @SnowyWingsPublishing)
Káto Kósmos (Sing, Goddess!, 2021)
The Wizard’s Bride (Space Bound, 2021)
Devil Deal (2022 @CrimsonFoxPublishing)
Midnight Train (Beyond, 2022)
Tribute (Hope Riot, 2022)
Scrapyard Witch (Brave New Girls: Girls who Engineer and Explore, 2023)
The Night I Died (Into The Dark Wood, 2023)

Runaway Renegade (Magic Under The Big Top, projected 2024)
After Halastaesia (September 24th 2024 @SnowyWingsPublishing)