Short Stories

The Night I Died in Into The Dark Wood

A figure lingering in shadowed windows. A voice whispering between tree branches. A lone traveler adrift in the dead of space.
Horror takes all shapes and sizes, squirming into the mind and burrowing deep. Nine authors weave scary tales perfect for the haunting season.

Read if you dare…


Scrapyard Witch in Brave New Girls: Tales of Girls Who Engineer and Explore

A story of girl with a bionic arm who is sought to help a floating kingdom whose path is governed by a robot gone rogue.

Revenues from sales of this anthology are donated to the Society of Women Engineers scholarship fund.


Tribute in Hope Riot: A Collection of Hopepunk and Hopeful Sci-Fi and Fantasy Stories

A darkening world, a divisive political climate, a shrinking horizon of hope. It would be easy to step in line, but this glass is half-full and it’s time to riot for hope.

HOPE RIOT brings 7 stories from across the sci-fi and fantasy spectrums under a banner of hopepunk and hopeful to inject light and fight in a world that seems darkening.


Midnight Train in Beyond: Horror Flash Fiction (out of print)

Too many disturbing entities lurk in our plane of existence. Some haunt you physically, whereas some manifest only in your mind. What kind of horror bothers you the most?


Káto Kósmos in Sing, Goddess!

Aphrodite. Zeus. Medusa. Hercules. You’ve heard their names. You thought you knew their stories… until now.
Lose yourself in this collection of eleven young adult re-imaginings of Greek myths from the authors of Snowy Wings Publishing. From magical kingdoms under the sea to the halls of a modern high school, from Ancient Greece to the distant future, you will find romance, courage, fantasy, danger, and more. With each story bringing a twist on a classic legend, there is something for everyone to enjoy again and again. Across the ages, the Muses call: SING, GODDESS!


The Wizard's Bride in Spacebound

The thought of exploring space brings wonder and excitement, but do not forget the horrors lurking beyond. The innocent become killers and the killers become prey to aliens in a vicious cycle. Heroic feats, sacrifices, and karma await these space bound characters.

My story in this Dragon Soul Press anthology is The Wizard's Bride: A young woman is pressured into marrying a man she despises, when two wizards emerge from the belly of a giant bird outside of town.


Override in Brave New Girls: Girls Who Tech And Tinker

A reimagined sci-fi retelling of Pinocchio in an anthology dedicated to portray girls in STEM fields.
Revenues from sales of this anthology are donated to the Society of Women Engineers scholarship fund.


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