Janina Franck

Addicted to Stories.

Janina Franck

Janina is a nature-loving story-addict who may have tea and chocolate running through her veins. Guided by her daydreams, she started writing stories at a young age and never really stopped. Now living in Ireland, she loves to try new things and experience adventures, both real and imagined.


Captain Black Shadow (The Chronicles of the Bat #1, 2016, 2019 @SnowyWingsPublishing)
White Devil (The Chronicles of the Bat #2, 2018, 2019 @SnowyWingsPublishing)
The Weight of Time (A Touch of Magic, 2019)
A Spark in Space (A Touch of Magic, 2019)
Sand & Snow (The Chronicles of the Bat #3, 2020 @SnowyWingsPublishing)
Override (Brave New Girls: Girls who Tech and Tinker, 2020)
A Spark in Space (Space Witch #1, 2021 @SnowyWingsPublishing)
Káto Kósmos (Sing, Goddess!, 2021)
The Wizard’s Bride (Space Bound, 2021)
Devil Deal (2022 @CrimsonFoxPublishing)
Midnight Train (Beyond, 2022)
Tribute (Hope Riot, 2022)
Scrapyard Witch (Brave New Girls: Girls who Engineer and Explore, 2023)
The Night I Died (Into The Dark Wood, 2023)

Runaway Renegade (Magic Under The Big Top, projected 2024)